About me

The Shortish Version

Born in the Caribbean, I currently call Brisbane, Australia home . I've been travelling since 2004, where I spent a year in South America, volunteering, learning to dive and speak Spanish and generally finding my travel feet.

Ever since then, I've taken short breaks of 6 - 8 weeks travelling around Latin America mostly. I generally travel on my own but have sometimes dragged along some curious friends or family.

Besides travel, I also love animals and you can often find me cuddling a potentially rabid street dog while passersby look on in confusion.

I'm a vegetarian and have found some great places to eat (Mexico, rice, beans and beer) and some pretty challenging places (Peru, where all they seem to eat is fish). I do love my meal times and have a bad habit of not taking advantage of my hostel kitchen and heading out to taste test the smorgasbord that is street food.

I love portrait photography and am always trying to get some great candid shots of my companions and people I meet along the way. I also love writing and hope to get my creative juices flowing by way of this blog.


The Life Story

I was born to Susan and Nicholas in a small island nation in the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago, in 1986. 

My parents, brother, sister and I moved to Brisbane, Australia in June 1998 and started a new life in Redcliffe, a sleepy beach town 30 minutes north of Brisbane,  Queensland.

As a girl of 13, adapting to the Australian way of life, in what was then just a big town, was quite difficult. The food was strange, the people almost spoke a different language and at the time it was quite rare to see a person of colour outside of the indigenous race.

 I eventually adapted, as did my sister and brother and we were soon dubbed “Aussies” by our new friends.

At 18 years old, after just one year of joining the workforce, I decided to take a year off and travel around South America. Breaking my mother’s heart a little, I headed off and landed in Quito, Ecuador for 6 months of volunteer work.

After adapting to the latin way of life in Ecuador, I explored northern Peru and Colombia followed by my first visit back to Trinidad in xx years.

After this very first trip, I more than had the travel bug and longed to return but found it difficult to manage my expenses when I was there.  I found a job I thought I would be happy to tear myself away from and started planning to go away two years after.

Plans changed and I somehow found myself entrenched in the business world, surprisingly good at being a "business woman". I specialised in project management, IT delivery and change management and felt quite happy with a job that I loved, making money to support some smaller trips (6-8 weeks a year).

After 10 years of only getting a little taste of life on the road and finding myself ultimately working to pay for a lifestyle that I started to find a bit material and indulgent, (just one big night out with my friends could fund 3 or 4 days of travelling and do I really need another sheet set?) I decided to hit the road again and see if I still have it in me to live frugally and see where the wind takes me.

I see this blog as way to channel my creativity, I'm not sure I could go a whole year without having something to work on, and I hope you enjoy my writing and get something out of it.

Thanks for reading my life story! 

Me in Bolivia, 2013

Me in Bolivia, 2013

Me in Colombia, 2004

Me in Colombia, 2004