If you’re like 99% of the population then you probably have a day job and if you’re anything like me, by Wednesday you’re ready to chuck it all in and head for the hills. Forget the kids, who cares about the mortgage, let's move to the Caribbean!

Wandering Wednesday is my gift to you on this, the humpiest of all days, where you can take 20 minutes out of your day and read all the best travel stories the internet has to offer.

Travel video of the week

Matthew Karsten from The Expert Vagabond has created a gorgeous series of videos showcasing Scotland and the Isle of Skye. Scotland has never been on my travel list due to the fact that I am unable to survive in the cold and the rain and I thought I would shrivel up into a shell of my former self but thisvideo makes me want to pack my bags and move to Scotland!

I can already imagine myself walking around with my mouth permanently opened and head swivelling like a while trying to take in this beautiful scenery. It looks like a something out of a fairy tale.

Around the web

Priority Pass - A Real World Review

I spend a lot of time in airports but I've only ever been lucky enough to experience an airport lounge just once. It was amazing, the food buffet, free drinks, clean, civilised toilets and nice nap-in me seats. I recently read this article explaining how a Priority Pass works and I'm very excited for my future airport lounge prospects. Check it out for an explanation on how it works and who would get value from it.


Inspiration Quotes for Travel

If you've ever needed that extra motivation to take the next step and start exploring that new country or even your own backyard, then check out list of inspiring quotes and some pretty amazing pictures to go along with them.


The Singular Experience of Drinking Beer in a North Korean Restaurant in Cambodia

This is just as crazy interesting as you think it would be ;) A great story including faking guitarists, a drum battle, LOTR style paintings and music from Super Mario Brothers.


The Amazing American Southwest in Photos

A stunning photo essay on some of the best of the American Southwest.


Travel App of the Week - Whats App

Free for first year; $0.99 annual subscription - Android or iOS

This is a great app to help you stay connected with people while you’re traveling and back at home. It’s basically a messaging app that also allows for calls over an internet connection, voice messaging and location sharing. When I meet someone on the road and want to stay in touch, WhatsApp is usually the easiest way. You just need a name and a number and you’re connected.

Another useful features is the ability to create groups. It makes organising with your friends before and during travel a lot easier. The best part is that even when you change numbers you'll still be connected to everyone so you'll never lose your contacts.

Check out my list of my must have travel apps for traveling - http://www.tofutraveler.com/blog/must-download-travel-apps

Location of the week - Mazunte, Mexico

sunset at mazunte beach

The weather is lovely, the people are relaxed and if you want to spend some time doing absolutely nothing surrounded by natural beauty then this is the place to be! Check out my full expeience in Mazunte here.

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mazunte mexico beach

Enjoy the rest of the week everyone and please share with me in the comments anything that you’ve uncovered from the internet. I need some inspiration too!