If you’re like 99% of the population then you probably have a day job and if you’re anything like me, by Wednesday you’re ready to chuck it all in and head for the hills. Forget the kids, who cares about the mortgage, let's move to the Caribbean!

Wandering Wednesday is my gift to you on this, the humpiest of all days, where you can take 20 minutes out of your day and read all the best travel stories the internet has to offer.

Best travel video

I’ve been following this guy for a while and he posts very regularly, a few times a week at least. This video features his encounter with bears in Whistler, Canada.

Around the web

33 Airline Posters From Flying’s Golden Age

A collection of different airline posters from a different era. Kind of bizarre.


See adorable Swedish towns in this day trip from Stockholm

Visit two very cute little towns in this one day trip from Stockholm


The Best Travel Underwear for Light Packers

All you’ve ever wanted to know about travel undies! Never wanted to know anything about travel undies? That's ok! It's on the internet anyway.


Fogo Island: The Day I Was Adopted By A Canadian Island

Get ready for some stunning photography and an interesting story about this small island off the northeast coast of Newfoundland.


Expecting the unexpected as a hostel volunteer

One of my favourite blogs focused on making your way around the world by working in each location. This post is on volunteering in a hostel.


Tofu Traveler’s Top Post

This week the post on my stay in the party hostel, Naked Tiger, totally blew up. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out here: http://www.tofutraveler.com/blog/staying-in-a-party-hostel-and-sunday-funday

I cover what’s it’s like to stay in a party hostel and attend the biggest event on the Central American backpacker calendar - Sunday Funday.

Travel App of the Week - Duolingo 


duolingo travel app

This is a popular app amongst travelers to help with learning the basics of a new language. There's a fun game factor that helps keep you going back to the app and lessons are designed in bite sized chunks to help you manage your time around it. You learn by reading, listening and even speaking!

There are loads of languages available to learn as well as a variety of courses available for non-English speakers. I’d recommend starting off as soon as you’ve planned your trip and you can continue while you’re traveling as well, as most of the lessons are available offline.

Check out my list of my must have travel apps for traveling - http://www.tofutraveler.com/blog/must-download-travel-apps

Location of the week - Nicargaua

hiking in selva negra, nicaragua

hiking in selva negra, nicaragua

hiking in selva negra, nicaragua

I’ve been focusing a lot on Nicaragua on my blog this month as I really believe it’s the best budget option in Central America while still getting all the benefits of the great wildlife like sloths and monkeys as well as jungle, river, mountain, beach and urban experiences galore.

Check out this cool video from some fellow travelers on what you can expect on a trip to Nicaragua.

The Corn Islands, Nicaragua

The Corn Islands, Nicaragua

Tobacco leaves drying for cigars

Tobacco leaves drying for cigars

Hiking in Somoto Canyon, Nicaragua

Hiking in Somoto Canyon, Nicaragua

Top Tip: Often it’s cheaper to fly into San Jose, Costa Rica and catch a bus or shuttle across the border. This method is popular enough that there are several private companies set up just to transport traveler between the two countries

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